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IQF frozen sauce cubes

Portion-controlled packs for sauces, purees, and other liquid-based items are designed to provide convenient and precise servings of these products. These packs offer pre-measured portions, ensuring consistency in taste and portion sizes, which is especially important for foodservice establishments, catering, and consumer convenience. The packs are typically made of flexible materials such as sachets, pouches, or single-serve containers, allowing for easy dispensing and minimal wastage. Portion-controlled packs provide several benefits, including improved portion control, reduced product waste, enhanced food safety, and increased convenience for consumers. They are widely used in the food industry, enabling efficient and cost-effective portioning and distribution of sauces, purees, and other liquid-based items.

frozen smoothie chips


IQF frozen pellets


Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Other Liquid-Based Products

In addition to our sauces and purees, we offer a range of other liquid-based products designed to enhance your culinary endeavors. This includes items such as cooking bases, gravies, herbs, and specialty oils. With a commitment to exceptional taste and quality, our diverse product offerings provide versatile options to meet the demands of professional chefs, foodservice establishments, and home kitchens.

Portion Control Packs

  • Pour Spout w/ Tear- Notch

  • Connected Pouches

  • Single Pouches

  • 1 oz - 16 oz Pack sizes

  • Clear or Printed Film

IQF frozen sauce cubes
IQF frozen sauce cubes
IQF frozen sauce cubes
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